Give us your ideas, sketches, feelings, moods, and emotions. Together we'll use them to create beautiful, usable, and functional products and experiences that change the world. 

Upon joining Stringcan, you will discover a team of individuals who wake up ready for the challenges that await them today and fall asleep excited for the opportunities to come tomorrow.
— Ann Livingston, Partner

What Makes Us Tick





We don't just talk about agile innovation. Our flexibility in every aspect of how we do business allows us to pivot quickly and produce results for you. 



Time to break down the silos (hint: we don't have any). Our team is multi-functional and multi-cultural, and we all know that collective action is more powerful than that of an individual.



Some companies will offer you lengthy reports that are heavy on obscure language and soft on results. We're the other kind of company: focused on what matters for your bottom-line and future. 



Jason McDonald


Joel Halpern


Ann Livingston


Ready to Trade in Your Desk Job for a High-Impact and Fun-Loving Team?

We are almost always looking for bright, interesting, and cool people to work with. Emphasis on cool.


Stop making slideshows for a living. There's a different way to do things.