How do you bring startups, bank retailers and ExCo members to engage in meaningful partnerships around the future of retail at CES? This is the challenge BNP Paribas Personal Finance was trying to solve in organizing a working session at CES in 2017. We provided a collaborative approach to the challenge that more than answered their needs and expectations.


With little time to prepare, we focused on the core success factor: creating a dynamic working session focused on tri-partite collaboration in order to maximize the chances of creating long-lasting partnerships. With this in mind, mastering pre-session preparation was crucial to allow participants to fully dive into the working session the day of the session.


We worked with 10 startups internationally to prepare them to demo during the session and facilitated three-way panel discussions. This led to engaging content, exciting exchanges, and five Proof of Concepts (POCs) between startups and BNP Paribas Personal Finance.

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How do we facilitate a working session that allows selected startups and executives to collaborate around the future of retail applied to the banking sector?


Creating a Working Session with Real Value for Partners

The Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas is the world’s leading tech & innovation event that brings together all industries interested in discovering and experiencing the most innovative solutions. Because the choice of events to attend is so vast, the quality of events can vary widely. BNP Paribas Personal Finance was leading a retail experience tour of CES 2017 for its international partners, which included a startup ecosystem session. This was an informative session around selected retail innovative technology. Personal Finance sought out the expertise of Stringcan to ideate, build and facilitate a working session that would provide actual value to its audience.

With limited time to prepare the session for the session, we quickly adapted to working in agile mode - reacting to changing needs or constraints, and maintaining our main objectives while moving pieces around to make it work. Our main challenges were pretty straightforward: how do we make sure selected startups are correctly prepared to perform a demo of their product to an audience that has limited time? How can we ideate on an working sesssion strategy/layout that will place added value at the center of every activity? What tools can we use to make sure most of the audience stays engaged throughout the session?


Collaborating and Innovating On the Fly

Building a successful, value-added session meant that not only objectives had to be clearly relayed to all parties, but also that the event itself had to be ideated and built out in a way that accomplished maximum participation and collaboration.

Along with BNP Personal Finance, Stringcan closely monitored the startups prior to the session to ensure objectives and event parameters were followed - which included working with the teams to refine their pitch in English, not only from a language standpoint but also from a structural aspect, and ensuring product demos were made possible the day of the session. Emphasis was also put on making sure BNP Paribas Personal Finance and international retailers were forwarded pertinent information beforehand to allow for more in-depth discussion.

Three-way discussions were made possible through an ingenious detailed agenda that combined knowledge sharing and collaborative brainstorming.


Engaging content. Exciting exchanges. New business value. 


Along with BNP Paribas Personal Finance’s dedicated work, our strategy and professionalism led to achieving BNP Paribas Personal Finance’s primary objective. 

A year later, five partnerships have been established and are currently ongoing between BNP, partners and retailers, either as POCs or business deals. Meaningful collaboration was made possible thanks to an efficient process, a proactive team, and a flexible mindset.

Additionally, the event offered engaging discussions with participants on all sides and interesting synergy around the future of retail.

Thinking about creating a working session that drives value for you and your clients? 

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