Want to join Stringcan as a UX/UI Designer?


As a UX/UI Designer, you will be working with some of our global client to play a critical role in designing products by defining the look, feel, layout and interaction details of the digital product. But our best candidate also lead with a thoughtful, empathetic approach to design, and the ability to understand the needs of the client on both an emotional and technical level.

If you’re an innovative thought leader who wants to use modern, open technologies and frameworks to develop a product that positively impacts people, then let’s get in touch.

You will work autonomously, reporting to senior management in order to craft as intuitive a digital solution as possible for the challenges faced by our clients.

Stringcan is a startup made up of individuals that come from unconventional backgrounds, like to think outside of the box, and love our jobs. That’s the formula that’s allowed us to work with some of the biggest companies in the world on rethinking digital evolution. If that sounds like something you’re into, we might be a match.

Primary responsibilities

We are looking to hire a UX designer who can:

  • Take detailed personas and build cutting edge user journeys

  • Leverage the lean startup approach and is able to identify a product’s “must haves”

  • Lead, own and drive the design of our new product

  • Design a very clear interface to a complex product

  • Along with the team conduct, manage research and create user flows

  • Direct the visual appearance of all features of our product

  • Design wireframes, mockups and high-fidelity user interface

  • Act as the user-advocate during the development process, subjecting early-stage designs to usability testing, and offering implementation suggestions from a user-centered perspective

  • Work directly with engineers, delivering them product specs and assets

  • Contribute to high-level strategic decisions with the rest of the team

  • Act as “go to” with in-depth knowledge of user interface best practices and standards. Use research-related services, theories and methods to support your recommendations

  • Take the initiative in providing input and feedback with the team

  • Strong experience with Agile processes, value rapid-prototyping and ability to design and build on a MVP.


  • Fluent in English required.

  • Minimum 3+ years of applied experience or equivalent work experience

  • Be able to quickly understand and analyze the primary goals of the client and help provide ideas and direction toward an intuitive, strategic digital solution.

  • Have strong communication skills and a level mindset both in production capabilities as well as team interaction.

  • Understand the user experience design and how to apply it to a digital solution.

  • Understanding in the methodologies of User Centered Design thinking.

  • Ability to be on-site as needed for brainstorming and creative strategy meetings.

  • Excellent time-management and process-management skills

  • A solid design background with an obsessive eye for details

  • Ability to design clean solutions to complex workflows

  • Experience designing web platforms and mobile apps

  • Ability to think at a high level about product strategy and vision

  • Self-motivated and able to efficiently run with a project without close supervision

  • Basic knowledge of HTML & CSS

  • Understanding of basic SEO

Compensation: TBD - based on experience.

Please email COO Ann Livingston at ann@stringcan.fr with your resumé + a paragraph indicating why you would be the perfect candidate for this post.

About the Company

Stringcan is an innovation agency that helps both startups and corporations create and implement innovative strategies that set them up for success. Our services are oriented towards: (1) startups that know how to react rapidly and have the courage to take on problems that nobody else is willing to solve, and (2) corporations that have found a way to combine the nimbleness of startups with the manpower and resources of large institutions.

The business model we’ve crafted is unique. We’re not a B2B company or even a B2C company. We’re a H2H company. That is, human-to-human. Our job is to help mid- and large-cap corporations and mature startups remove the internal barriers that are blocking them from success. And the way we do that is helping them reconnect to the human element that so many organizations have lost sight of today. This means creating organizational structures that put people at the center. It means showing people how to shift group cultures away from fear and towards innovation. And it means inserting empathy into the product design process again to allow companies to reimagine how they create.

And at the end, that’s what we’re concerned about. There’s a revolution going on across industries and borders right now. Some companies decide to engage in it, some hide. We drive success for the ones that decide to lean towards the brighter side. If we change how businesses act, think, and create, we can make it an opportunity. To make our vision possible, we need changemakers, disruptors, thinkers, and doers. If you fall under one of those categories, let’s talk.

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