Pitch Perfect for Oracle Open World

This last month, Stringcan worked closely with Oracle’s Startup Cloud Accelerator team in Paris to prepare three startups to pitch and do sales at Oracle’s Open World Conference in San Francisco. We were asked to help prepare 1-Check, DialOnce, and Weblib for their public pitches and US business approaches at the conference, going on now until Thursday in San Francisco. This event was created to put the power of emerging technologies—human interface, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain, and hybrid computing—all in one place. It's a great opportunity for these three startups as they get exposure to over 60k attendees. 

Oracle’s French accelerator inaugurated their first batch earlier this year, providing their startups with free Oracle credits, mentoring, state-of-the-art technology, co-working space, access to Oracle’s customers and partners, and access to investors. Part of this acceleration period also includes bringing in experts to help their startups prepare for entering into the international market through events such as Open World;  this is where Stringcan came in. 

Dominique Van Deth - Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator Program Manager

Where we come in

French startups are meticulously engineered, they’re smart… but 99% of these guys lack the pitch & branding umph necessary to stand out in the international market, let alone in the US. Our approach is simple; three intense courses introducing Stringcan’s “3-Minute Startup Pitch Prep”, branding basics, and client facing presentation run-throughs. The transformation: remarkable

Start with your brand platform:

Our brand expert, Joel Halpern tells us that defining your own brand is like being your own psychologist. The process of uncovering your mission, vision, values, purpose, voice and personality is intense and requires a LOT of introspection as a company.  Normally after a few months you can chisel out a really good brand platform that is designed to guide every communication and all decisions, resulting in a coherent voice and direction. You can't pitch your company successfully on stage or to a business lead if you don't have a strong, well defined company brand. 

On Stage:

Transform your own pitch with these short exercises: 

  • Start with your audience : who are they? What are their expectations? Their level of expertise? How do you control the room?
  • Lead your pitch with a "hook" : grab your audience right away and don't let go! 
  • Try to condense your pitch into a tweet: if you can’t say it in a tweet you can’t say it in an hour. 
  • Throw out the garbage: no-one cares where you went to school or how many pivots you’ve made, they want to know how you can solve a problem of theres or make them dream.
  • Pitch with energy and confidence: your confidence build confidence around your company, your energy captivates the audience...imagine how you would feel if you signed a $ 1,000,000 deal after the pitch. Take that energy and conviction with you on stage and wow the crowd! 

After successfully completing this workshop Oracle’s startups made a near 180 degree transformation in their pitch delivery, and for the first time they started leading their messaging with their voice and mission. Finally after combining all of these aspects they were able to construct the perfect pitch. 

Good luck in San Fran!