The Launchpad for New Innovation and Technology

What is the CES?

Described as the “International Powerhouse”, the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is held in Las Vegas between January 5-8th and is THE place to be this upcoming month. With over 50,000 Industry professionals representing 150 countries, the CES is the hub for networking and showcasing your products. That’s why Stringcan is hopping on a plane and travelling to Vegas in order to uncover the secrets of upcoming technology. Follow us on twitter to see which startups we are supporting in their International Development! 

The event showcases all the products, gadgets and gizmos that will drive 2017 forward and demonstrate what will be the next major step in our development. The CES is perfectly illustrated as the “launchpad for new innovation and technology”.

Who is attending the event?

Not only does the CES showcase more than 3,800 exhibiting companies, out of this staggering sum we have 400 startups from France!! We could spend the day talking about all the innovative ideas represented at this event, because the French tech scene is really impressive this year, however we have chosen to highlight several technologies that really caught our eye!

Think & Go just launched their first “screen” in the BNP Paribas Opera agency, the screen  allows consumers to exchange information via their cards, phones, watches etc… Simply by tapping a designated area of the screen with these objects! This truly revolutionizes the consumer journey. Modo Payments call themselves the pipeline for payments! They provide the COIN® operated Digital Payment Hub which connects new digital experiences to payment systems worldwide. The system allows consumers to collect their loyalty points across a wide variety of redemption options. Recently announcing a strategic relationship with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, we think this is a tool to keep an eye on! Stringcan will be reporting back to you from the CES Future of Money conference where the CEO Bruce Parker will be speaking.

Finally we are interested in the development of Quividi, which provides a software that helps brands, retailers, marketing agencies and media owners analyze and optimize their impact on their audience. They do this by inserting a state of the art anonymous video analytics technique that measures audience and traffic in public places, such as; hypermarkets, boutiques, malls and transport hubs!  

These are just three of the incredible selection we have upcoming at the CES, click here to see the floor plan and explore the full list of startups exhibiting their products on the day.

Stringcan will be at the conference reporting live from the hub of the French tech scene, and getting up and close to selective startups on the day.

How Does it Benefit Startups?

The CES is the perfect place to build your network and get your name in the media. 2016 boasted around 7,545 media attendees and the numbers are bound to grow for the 2017 show. Even if your startup isn’t physically represented in a booth, it’s an excellent time to spot your competitors and mingle with powerful individuals.

This year is especially unique since the CES is celebrating 50 years…

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