Join Stringcan as our Junior Content Creator (Internship)

Job description

 Stringcan is a Paris-based global creative innovation agency working with innovative startups, growing PMEs and large multi-national organizations. We are looking for an enthusiastic candidate to join the Paris team.

Very much a startup feel, the position offers a great deal of autonomy, responsibility and involvement in the company’s projects. You would be involved in managing various projects focusing on content creation for various types of media and event management. 

If you are autonomous, dynamic and self-motivated, love to work in a fast-paced environment, interested in the startup/tech industry world and want to join a fast-growing American company, apply now!

Non-traditional/diverse background welcome!

 As the content creator, you will be charged with developing strategy for content creation, creating content itself (blogs, newsletters, articles, case studies, landing pages, social media posts), planning strategy campaigns, organizing events and monitoring the effectiveness of our client work. You will both work on Stringcan’s campaigns as well as various projects with different clients.

Primary responsibilities  

  • Support and work closely with the Stringcan team to develop, ideate and design strategy for clients

  • Create client deliverables, presentation and content.

  • Build a rich content/editorial calendar that includes blog posts, social media posts, reports, etc

  • Build and manage the company’s social media profiles

  • Engage in relevant social discussions about our company and industry

  • Write articles for our blog, growing blog subscribers, expanding our overall reach.

  • Collaborate with clients and external influencers to produce content for different projects

  • Manage email campaigns, calls to action etc.

  • Track site traffic and measure results


  • Work well independently

  • Great writing skills and creative mind  

  • Great time management skills

  • Unafraid of taking initiatives

  • Collaborate with coworkers and interface with clients

  • Great organizational and learning skills

Desired qualifications

  • Higher education degree required (Bachelor or equivalent required)

  • Native/Bilingual in English, preferably fluent in French (will be working in English).

  • Must be a savvy wordsmith with exceptional writing and editing skills

  • Excellent communicator and creative thinker

  • Previous experience with digital and social media tools

  • Previous content creation experience.

  • Interest in startups a major plus

However, we’re not the kind of company that believes solely in hard requirements for our employees. We’re not so much worried about your background as we are who you are (keep that in mind with your cover letter). We like bright and engaging personalities, people that are intellectually curious and driven towards results. You should be the kind of person that attaches yourself to a cause, someone that we can hand a blank page and work together to turn it into a masterpiece. That requires passion and a willingness to pick things up and run with them. Not everyone is good at that. But if you are, this might be the place for you.

Start date: as soon as possible, 4 months minimum preferably 6 months

Compensation: TBD based on experience and background

Application Process: Please send your résumé to COO Ann Livingston ( along with a paragraph stating why you would be the best candidate for this positon

About the Company

We don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but things have changed in the business world today. And there are basically two types of businesses that are excelling: (1) startups that know how to react rapidly and have the courage to take on problems that nobody else is willing to solve, and (2) corporations that have found a way to combine the nimbleness of startups with the manpower and resources of large institutions. Stringcan is an innovation agency that helps both startups and corporations create and implement digital strategies that set them up for this type of success.

The business model we’ve crafted is unique. We’re not a B2B company or even a B2C company. We’re a H2H company. That is, human-to-human. Our job is to help mid- and large-cap corporations and mature startups remove the internal barriers that are blocking them from success. And the way we do that is helping them reconnect to the human element that so many organizations have lost sight of today. This means creating organizational structures that put people at the center. It means showing people how to shift group cultures away from fear and towards innovation. And it means inserting empathy into the product design process again to allow companies to reimagine how they create.

And at the end, that’s what we’re concerned about. There’s a revolution going on across industries and borders right now. Some companies see this revolution as a threat and others see it as an opportunity. We show the threatened how to turn it into an opportunity and we collaborate with the opportunist to to be industry leaders. To make our vision possible, we need changemakers, disruptors, thinkers, and doers. If you fall under one of those categories, let’s talk.