We're Recruiting a Business Analyst


As an Analyst, you’ll play a critical role in managing our project process with clients, working as part of a team from the planning stage to post-project analysis. As a new member of our team, you’ll provide supporting analysis and help focus on specific aspects of our projects. This can include formulating project design and strategy, conducting analysis on KPIs, or conducting surveys with client employees to assess certain indicators. But the difference between us and large corporations is that we also allow you to get involved in all parts of our quickly growing business. You have an initiative? We like that. You want to take on more responsibility? Show us and we’ll help you get there. We’re a startup made up of individuals that come from unconventional backgrounds, like to think outside of the box, and love our jobs. That’s the formula that’s allowed us to work with some of the biggest companies in the world on rethinking digital evolution. If that sounds like something you’re into, we might be a match.


  • Conduct analysis and research to inform project proposals and help us keep our products/services line on the cutting edge.

  • Work with clients to understand and investigate feedback to align products/services with their objectives. Serve as a main liaison with clients to keep them informed of progress and to make important decisions.  

  • Engage in primary and secondary research (for example talking to clients or customers) to help understand client, business model, etc. and analyze results to present to clients.

  • Facilitate workshops, focus groups, and other events to advance client objectives.

  • Assist with process management for projects - set objectives, ensure deadlines are met, address client needs, and conduct quality checks on deliverables.

  • Participate in business development through industry research, creation of sales decks and proposals, and potential client outreach.


We’re not the kind of company that believes in hard requirements for our employees. We’re not so much worried about your background as we are who you are (keep that in mind with your cover letter). We like bright and engaging personalities, people that are intellectually curious and driven towards results. You should be the kind of person that attaches yourself to a cause, someone that we can hand a blank page and work together to turn it into a masterpiece. That requires passion and a willingness to pick things up and run with them. Not everyone is good at that. But if you are, this might be the place for you.

  • A passion for analytical work. We give you a disorganized Excel file and you tell us what the story is.

  • An equal passion for working with people. Do you like working in teams? Can you present in front of high-level clients? This isn’t just a job for people with high IQ. EQ is equally important.

  • Communication skills. Fluency in English and French is a must. But we’re looking for more than just that. When you cross a border are you able to connect to the people on the other side? We are an international team and this is an international business. Be prepared to tell us what that means to you.

  • An ability to deal with ever-changing deadlines and multiple work streams at one time. We’re a startup remember? We’re talking basics here. If I asked you what your priorities are for next Thursday would you be able to tell me?

  • Flexibility and the capacity to deal with complexity. You’ll wear multiple hats at Stringcan. We’re fast-moving, which means things often change on the fly. Let’s say we give you an assignment that you know nothing about. What’s your move?

  • Passion for our cause. What’s that again? We’d suggest you figure that one out.

  • Academic background in economics, business, finance, law, data science, or mathematics are especially relevant. But you might have guessed that we aren’t that picky here. We want people that love challenges and learning new things.

About the Company

We don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but things have changed in the business world today. And there are basically two types of businesses that are excelling: (1) startups that know how to react rapidly and have the courage to take on problems that nobody else is willing to solve, and (2) corporations that have found a way to combine the nimbleness of startups with the manpower and resources of large institutions. Stringcan is an innovation agency that helps both startups and corporations create and implement digital strategies that set them up for this type of success.

The business model we’ve crafted is unique. We’re not a B2B company or even a B2C company. We’re a H2H company. That is, human-to-human. Our job is to help mid- and large-cap corporations and mature startups remove the internal barriers that are blocking them from success. And the way we do that is helping them reconnect to the human element that so many organizations have lost sight of today. This means creating organizational structures that put people at the center. It means showing people how to shift group cultures away from fear and towards innovation. And it means inserting empathy into the product design process again to allow companies to reimagine how they create.

And at the end, that’s what we’re concerned about. There’s a revolution going on across industries and borders right now. Some companies see this revolution as a threat and others see it as an opportunity. We show the threatened how to turn it into an opportunity and we collaborate with the opportunist to to be industry leaders. To make our vision possible, we need changemakers, disruptors, thinkers, and doers. If you fall under one of those categories, let’s talk.