Will the Coworking Mentality Replace Corporations Altogether?

Stringcan Director and NextGen Co-Chair, Jason McDonald meets with Co-founder of Remix Coworking, Anthony Gutman at the annual VivaTech conference

Having danced our hearts out at the Remix Coworking party last Friday, we realized that there is no better place to work than in a coworking environment. Over the past few weeks we saw "pitching" events, wine & champagne tastings, brainstorming sessions, free photo shoots by freelance photographers, dancing lessons...The list just goes on! Jason McDonald met up with Anthony Gutman, co-founder of Remix, to talk about just that… why it’s so awesome working in a coworking space!

What is Remix?

Remix Coworking is one of the leading coworking spaces in France. There are now four Remix Coworking locales in Paris, all with different authentic spaces, whether it is an old Parisian apartment or an artist’s loft. Remix is based upon the trend they call ‘new workers’: from freelancers to entrepreneurs, new workers are the new dense population of people who seek new ways of working, and new types of relationships with big companies. Another term commonly coined for new workers is ‘nomad workers’. But what Anthony Gutman shares with us is that nomad workers do not really exist.

“Once nomad workers find a new community such as Remix, they stay. They search for new environments with new relationships.” As technology is changing, so is the workplace, and Remix is the workplace that conforms to all new types of work. Here stems the new phenomenon called ‘blurring’, people living where they work and working where they live. Remix provides spaces where people are able to feel at home. They take care of their coworkers and help them find their path within the Remix community.

What is Remix Doing at Viva Tech?

VivaTech is all about innovation. There are two types of innovation: technology innovation, and what the French call “innovation d’usage” which means how we manage to create a lifestyle around certain criteria. Remix’s goal is to create spaces where people can work differently. At VivaTech, they are giving individuals a taste of what it is like to be part of the Remix community by inviting people to engage with each other, network, and blow off steam by the means of creative workshops.

In these crucial next few years, many corporate companies will be trying different ways of working, and looking for different solutions. In the next ten years, some corporate companies will have disappeared, some will have entirely changed, and some startups will have transitioned to being corporate companies. Remix Coworking is now expanding their concept and integrating it within corporations. One of the ways by which they do this is by a term they’ve created: ‘Ex-cubation’: They build a team within a corporate company that will integrate a Remix Coworking locale for a certain period of time in order to go back to their offices and spread the culture within the company. Another solution they will propose is to create a Remix team within the corporate company. Many corporate companies will become hubs for startups, they will have adopted the startup way of thinking, essentially in terms of agility, and Remix Coworking is at the forefront of it all.